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Add name, phone number and photo

Quickly and easily call your family and friends with just the touch of a button!

Add names and phone numbers for your family and friends to call them by tapping their button. Add them via Contacts or by entering their name and phone number yourself. Add their photo to make their button easily identifiable or use one of the built in icons.

Add your favorite pizza place or restaurant to quickly call for take-out or reservations!

This app is great for memory loss patients that get lost searching for phone numbers in the Contacts app.

Set it up for your child or parent so they can easily call you when needed.

Add emergency numbers that always appear at the top of the screen.

MyCaller does not collect any user data or display ads.

MyCaller Settings

Add emergency phone numbers

MyCaller Emergency Numbers

Emergency phone numbers always at the top of the display

MyCalClock Settings

Limit sources of confusion

MyCalClock Icons

Use an icon if you don't have a photo